Saturday, 4/25/2015
Friday, September 4, 2015 
4:30pm  -  6:00pm
Saturday, September 5, 2015 
Program Moderator: Mark J. Rumbak, MD
7:00am  -  7:45am
8:00am  -  8:30am
The Demise of Early Goal Directed Therapy for Septic Shock
Andrew A. Quartin, MD, MPH
8:30am  -  9:00am
Toxidromes of the New Synthetic Drugs: Recognition and Management in the ICU
Kimberly Cao,MD
9:00am  -  9:30am
Medical Management of Intracranial Hemorrhage
Kristine H. O'Phelan, M.D.
9:30am  -  9:45am
Morning Questions and Answers Poster Sessions
9:45am  -  10:15am
10:15am  -  10:45am
Breaking the Great Myths of Disaster Medicine
Mauricio Lynn, M.D.
10:45am  -  11:15am
Critical Care: Year in Review 2015
Roland M.H. Schein M.D.
11:15am  -  11:45am
Airway Pharmacology
Thomas M. Furhman, M.D.
11:45am  -  12:20pm
The Management of Severe Dermatologic Condiditons: Role of the Intensive Care Unit
Matthew W. Lube, M.D.
12:20pm  -  12:30pm
Final Morning Session Questions and Answers
12:30pm  -  1:30pm
Luncheon and Business Meeting
Sunday, September 6, 2015
Program Moderator: Cynthia Cely, MD
8:00am  -  8:30am
Update on Anemia in the ICU
Nicholas Namias, MD
8:30am  -  9:00am
Atypical Causes of Lactic Acidosis: Case Presentation and Review of the Literature
Gwenn E. McLaughlin, M.D.
9:00am  -  9:30am
Percutaneous Intervention: 2015 Update
Eduardo de Marchena, MD
9:30am  -  10:00am
Update: Acute Surgery in the Critically Ill
Chadwick P. Smith, MD
10:00am  -  10:15am
Morning Questions and Answers
10:15am  -  10:30am
10:30am  -  11:00am
Critical Care in the Highly Contagious(Such as Ebola) Patient
Rakesh Gupta, MD
11:00am  -  11:30am
Right Ventricular Failure in the ICU
Brice T. Taylor, MD
11:30am  -  12:20pm
Pro-Con Debate: Infection Control Practices in the ICU
Erik S. Barquist, M.D.
Daniel H. Kett, M.D.
12:20pm  -  12:30pm
Morning Session:Questions and Answers - Poster Review
12:30pm  -  12:30pm
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